ECTC, Yuki Matsuri, and Nightmarket

Aiko’s been busy this semester!

First up was our trip to the annual East Coast Taiko Conference, which was hosted by Cornell University this year! This event sees huge attendance numbers from school groups like Aiko, as well as amateur and professional players from all over the world! Only five of us could go this year, but it was well worth the amazing performances, workshops, and getting to see our old teacher Isaku again!

Japan Club’s Yuki Matsuri was on the same weekend as ECTC. The remaining members who didn’t brave the blizzards to travel to Cornell performed Yatai Bayashi and Ryujin Daiko, to a crowd of hundreds of students and off-campus guests!

Finally, Aiko made an appearance at Taiwanese Cultural Organization’s annual Nightmarket food and culture festival! Our e-board has been working hard on Omiyage, an open-source song by TAIKOPROJECT. The audience was super enthusiastic and were excited to hear that our show this year, Festival, will be happening on April 3rd @ 7:00PM in Jewett Auditorium!

Hope to see everyone there!



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